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In the deep heart of Euskadi, under the shape of Anboto, in Axpe-Atxondo, the first vasque farmhouse opened with the dream of spreading the culture, sports, traditions and gastronomy of our lands.

2021, a new team takes the lead of this absolutely beautiful space, a place that has hosted numerous companies, institutions and families that trusted MendiGoikoa to provide their visitors with an unforgettable experience.

The hotel

A rusctic hostage in the heart of Axpe - Atxondo. A farmhouse built in 1815 preserves the essence of our ancestors close to the mountains Anboto and Alluitz.

The Hotel is provided with 12 rooms, which are categorized as Single, Double, Deluxe, or suite. Each and every one of them with stunning mountain views.


The Restaurant

Opened for lunch Tuesday to Sunday

Our menu

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