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The restaurant

The product in its essence, with respect and care.

Each ingredient is chosen for its purity, in a natural way, without masking it.

We feel we are heirs and debtors of our elders, of generations and generations who created their own cuisine around the grill.

The aim of Mendigoikoikoa's cuisine is to enjoy the flavors and aromas typical of the environment, the traditional Basque cuisine, so all our dishes are made with local ingredients and seasonal.

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El Hotel

A rustic lodging in the small enclave of Axpe - Atxondo. A farmhouse built in 1815 preserves the essence of their ancestors in the foothills of Mount Anboto.

The accommodation consists of 12 rooms, including double rooms, deluxe rooms and a suite, all with views of the mountains surrounding the farmhouse.

The accommodation vouchers include a simple breakfast. If you prefer a brunch breakfast, you can add it in the "Extras" tab before making the payment .

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